Heidi Montag’s Performance At The Miss Universe Pageant

Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag Pratt performed at the Miss Universe Pageant last night. And by performed I mean she trotted her horse face around the stage, while lip-syncing to a heavily computerized version of her screeching in a studio. When is Spencer going to do us all a favor and stuff Heidi in a suitcase (just remember to take out her implants bro).

Of course it is possible that Heidi and Spencer are self-aware enough to realize Heidi has absolutely no talent or sex appeal, and since they relish being the bad guys they cooked up this whole Heidi trying to be a pop star thing to mess with us. If this the case then they are geniuses and truly deserve their money and life of leisure.

If you are brave enough here is Heidi’s performance from the Miss Universe Pageant.

Here is what Heidi’s singing sounds like without the aid of computers.

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