Selena Gomez And Emma Watson Are Lesbian Lovers

Selena Gomez Emma Watson sex

Actresses Selena Gomez and Emma Watson appear to have renewed their torrid lesbian love affair, as they were photographed naked fondling each other while on a kitchen countertop (breaking numerous sanitation codes) in the picture above.

Of course this isn’t the first time that we have caught Selena and Emma about to engage in passionate lesboqueer love making, as the photo in this article came out nearly a year ago. However, since then Emma and Selena’s dyke out session must have stopped (probably because Selena Gomez let loose with one of her noxious taco farts while Emma was rimming her back hole) as we have not seen anything more from them until today.

Yes Selena Gomez and Emma Watson about to devour each others’ lady parts in this photo is certainly a disturbing sight. To think that Emma’s tonuge is about to swirl around in Selena’s mouth before it slowly makes its way down her body, teasing her nipples, sliding up her slit, and finally massaging her clit is making my tunic snake rigid with furious indignation. When will their debauchery end!

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