Gary Coleman is a Stuck-Up Piece of Shit

gary coleman

Here is a hot tip from Joey Del Vecchio Hoboken, NJAy how you guys doin? I was driving down the Jersey turnpike the other day and I stopped at one of those fuckin rest stops to use the little girls room, ayyy.

So I walk into the stall and who do I see floating in the bowl but Gary fuckin Coleman!

So I says
“Ay Gary how you doin?”

And that fuckin guy doesn’t even acknowledge me.

So I’m like
“Ay what am I fuckin invisible here? “
“You think you’re too much of a big shot to talk me? “
“With your fuckin fancy Hollywood toilet paper outfit there.”

No response. He just floated there acting like he didn’t hear me. I swear to fuckin God I almost lost it on that fuckin guy and charged the bowl.

Oh and PS he stunk like shit.

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