Emily And Zooey Deschanel’s Naked Sisterly Love

Zooey Emily Deschanel

It is “Thanksgiving” today in the Satanic US of A. For those who don’t know Thanksgiving is a holiday in which the obese American masses get together with family and stuff their bloated gullets with starchy food and parasite infested bird meat, all while pretending they have some sort of vague sense of gratitude for their pathetically miserable lives.

That is why it is not surprising to see “Bones” star Emily Deschanel getting together today with her sister “New Girl” star Zooey Deschanel to pose naked for their annual slutty Christmas card.

Yes with Thanksgiving day comes the start of the Christmas season in the USA, and sister sluts Emily and Zooey Deschanel appear poised to spread not only holiday cheer but also their legs. After seeing this naked photo it is clear that there is certainly no need for mistletoe at the Deschanel house, as Emily and Zooey are looking to get their lady stockings stuffed with male yule log early and often.

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