Selena Gomez’s Nipples Pose For Photos With Fans

Selena Gomez nipples

Selena Gomez’s nipples pose for a photo with a fan in the braless see through picture above.

Throughout Selena’s “Revival” tour fans who have been paying extra for a VIP “meet and greet” package have been getting their pictures taken with Selena’s sinful tit toppers (as you can see here, here, and here). This will no doubt revolutionize the VIP fan experience, with Selena’s rival pop stars imitating her brazen boob displays with their own degenerate devotees.

Yes Selena Gomez has clearly lowered the bar by sharing her areola with her admirers, and in the cutthroat race to the bottom which is infidel pop culture that means others will soon be following suit. Now that the floodgates are open expect fans to be able to pose for photos with Katy Perry’s titties, Rihanna’s butthole, and of course taking it from Taylor Swift’s strap-on.

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