Emma Watson Takes Naked Selfies Again

Emma Watson naked

Emma Watson appears to be at it again photographing her naked body in the selfie pics above and below.

As a part of the Western feminist movement Emma Watson constantly has to show how “empowered” she is by exposing her blasphemous nude female flesh like this. That is because even feminists recognize that women have little value outside of offering up their orifices as receptacles for men’s ball juices.

Emma Watson naked

Of course in the civilized Islamic world we have a much more enlightened view on women. For not only do we utilize them as breeding and pleasure-giving apparatuses, but we also exploit their submissive nature and high pain tolerances for back breaking fieldwork.

Yes despite what narrow-minded feminists like Emma Watson think women are more than just cum dumpsters, as they also make excellent water haulers, plow maidens, and fig pickers. If Emma wants to experience true female empowerment than she should try wearing the burka, and taking a few selfies scrubbing the floors or baking a pie.

Emma Watson naked

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