Emma Watson Naked On The Floor

Emma Watson naked

Emma Watson appears to have been photographed completely naked while sitting on the kitchen floor flicking her sin bean in the disturbing picture above.

This nude Emma Watson pic perfectly illustrates why feminism just does not work… For women are morally corrupt and weak-willed by nature, so when they are left to their own devices they invariably end up engaging in some sort of sinful sexual deviancy just as Emma is doing in this photo.

Yes it clear from this nude photo that like all women Emma Watson requires the strong strict hand of a powerful Muslim man to keep her in line. For if Emma had a Muslim husband she would be doing her womanly duty of scrubbing the floors and baking delicious fig pies, and she would certainly not be sitting around naked buttering her own biscuit like this… Or else she’d quickly find herself on the business end of a flogging from a switch made of stiff Nile reeds.

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