Young Sofia Vergara Showing Her Boobs In A See Thru Top

Sofia Vergara boobs

For this week’s “Throwback Thursday” we have a photo of a young Sofia Vergara showing off her bulbous latina boobies in a completely see through top.

It is not at all surprising to see that before “Modern Family” this sort of brazen titty display is what Sofia spent her time doing, as this degenerate behavior is quite common in Mexican nations like Sofia’s homeland of Colombia. In fact, by some accounts Colombia is a nation of women like Sofia Vergara flouncing about with their oversized sex organs out flapping in the breeze.

That sickening vision of a busty brown breasts hellscape is certainly one that will haunt the dreams of us pious Muslim men. One can only hope that the glorious Islamic nation of Iran can finish construction on their nuclear bomb program soon, so that (after Israel) Sofia and her rat’s nest of slutty compatriots in Colombia can be blown to Jahannam.

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