Taylor Swift And Selena Gomez About To 69

Taylor Swift Selena Gomez 69

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez were caught on camera just before they were about to engage in sinful lesboqueer 69ing in the disturbing photo above.

Oh course it is not surprising to see in this photo that Selena and Taylor chose to engage in this blasphemous same-sex twat tonguing on a chaise lounge, as it is certainly the gayest of all infidel furniture and anyone who owns one should be stoned immediately without mercy.

Furthermore, it is also not surprising to see that when Taylor and Selena 69, Selena prefers to be on top. This makes perfect sense for if Taylor were to go on top her long gangly boney legs flopping around would at best be nuisance and could very likely take out Selena’s eye. Besides with Selena sitting her ass on Taylor’s face she can rip off a few of her noxious taco farts which Taylor no doubt enjoys gobbling up.

After a night of passionate lesbodyke love making Taylor Swift can be seen leaving Selena’s “casa” in Chino wearing a short skirt and tight top in the photos below.


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