Selena Gomez Posts Tight Bikini Top Cleavage Pic

Selena Gomez cleavage

Selena Gomez just posted this photo of her cleavage in a tight bikini top to her Instagram.

It is good to see Selena Gomez trying to mash down her shameful tits with a tight bikini top like this. Unfortunately this bikini top is just not going to do the job of removing the sight of her shameful feminine chest mounds. I suggest Selena Gomez undergo a double mammectomy by way of a swift blow from a Muslim’s scimitar to take care of her unsightly chesticles once and for all.

Also someone should tell Selena Gomez that she looks like a Mexican John Lennon in those stupid sunglasses. Of course since she is once again back with Justin Bieber it is safe to assume that she also shares John Lennon’s taste for the slender Asian female body. Let us hope that means Selena will also share John Lennon’s fate.

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