Rihanna Wears See Thru Top No Bra

Rihanna see through

The she-beast known only as Rihanna can be seen wearing a see through top and no bra in the disturbing photo above.

Of course Rihanna would prefer to be topless at all times running free through the plains of the Serengeti on the hunt for caribou. However, the greedy Zionists that control Rihanna will not allow this, as they snatched her from her native land to profit from selling her primitive whore ways to the horny infidel masses.

Hopefully one day Rihanna will be returned to her people so that she can learn their ways and contract the HIV as is their custom, but unfortunately until that time we will continue to be inflicted with shots like these of Rihanna’s sad saggy Sub-Saharan boobies.

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