Nicki Minaj Posts New Thong Booty Pic

Nicki Minaj thong

The creature known as Nicki Minaj just posted this new picture of her enormous mocha booty in a thong to her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

As you can see in this pic, Nicki Minaj is exhausted from lugging around her gigantic fake tits and ass, so she collapses on the floor and wearily looks up at the camera no doubt pleading with her master for a break from recording her moronic mumblings about sex which the infidels consider music.

Of course this sort of slothful behavior is to be expected, as Nicki Minaj’s owner clearly has no idea how to properly handle her and is in desperate need of a lesson from us Muslims. When dealing with a shiftless abid like Nicki, it is best to be liberal with the whip as that has been proven throughout history to the best motivator of the dirt skin people. Naturally one never wants to seriously damage one’s own property, but rest assured that Nicki’s plump leathery hide could safely take quite a beating.

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