Miley Cyrus Psychedelic Sex Video

As you can see in the video above, Miley Cyrus shows off her sex organs and dances around like an idiot while under the influence of the drug MDMA (also known as “Molly”).

Only in the degenerate infidel West would people take a drug that makes them want to flail about like epileptic retards to horrible music. Whatever happened to just chilling out and smoking some good old fashioned opium furnished from the poppy fields of us righteous Muslim men?

It is hard to determine if this Miley Cyrus psychedelic sex video is promoting drug use or whether it is the most cleverly crafted anti-drug campaign since the fried egg “this is your brain on drugs” commercial. Of course there is a third option that this is some sort of viral video for the herpes medication Valtrex. However, it is doubtful that even the big pharmaceutical companies would stoop this low to peddle their products, and if they did they damn well would have paid the extra $20 to get Miley to completely show her herpes scar riddled vagina.

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