Marion Duval Nude Scene From “Love is the Perfect Crime”

Marion Duval nude

The video clip below features French actress Marion Duval’s outrageous nude scene from the film “Love is the Perfect Crime”.

With her soft skin and pleasingly androgynous hairstyle, Marion Duval would make an excellent stand-in for a bacha bazi (dancing boy)… She’d just have to get those immodestly large titties of her’s chopped down to size with a scimitar first.

Yes our Muslim brothers in the soon to be caliphate of Franceistan will have to decide what to do with Marion Duval once they finish seizing power. There will certainly be a vigorous public debate on whether Marion should be either converted into a bacha bazi, chained up in a barn to have her massive mammaries roughly milked dry every day, or if her boobies are just so blasphemously bulbous that they should be removed outright and turned into something aesthetic pleasing like a camel saddle or lamp shade.

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