Lindsay Lohan Nude Scene From “Machette” In 4K

Lindsay Lohan nude

The video below features Lindsay Lohan’s nude scene from the film “Machette” remastered and enhanced in ultra high definition.

Since this movie was filmed in Mexico it was difficult to determine through the dirt and noxious taco fart haze if Lindsay Lohan actually showed her nude tits in the original version of this scene… Thankfully us righteous Muslims were able to clear up the pollution in the video enough to show that Lindsay does in fact flaunt her bare big bulbous boobies.

For this was only Lindsay Lohan’s second ever nude scene (with the first being in the video clip above)…

Lindsay Lohan nip pokies

Although to be fair, by this time she was no stranger to whoring her body on camera… As there is rumored to be at least a couple dozen sex tapes of Lindsay from her younger years floating around heathen Hollywood.

Lindsay Lohan’s Duck Lips

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