Lindsay Lohan Fixed Her Face

Lindsay Lohan

Well Lindsay Lohan finally did it! She got collagen injections in her lips and nappy extensions put in her hair.

For years people have been saying, “Yeah Lindsay is hot, but she would be much hotter if she looked like Brett Michaels”. Well lets see what they say now!

This is just the jump start Lindsay Lohan’s career needed too. Those lips will open up so many more acting opportunities for her. Now instead of being type cast as “the girl who looks like she blows a lot of guys”, she can now land roles as “the girl who looks like she blows a lot of guys well”.

No word yet if Lohan’s new look is in response to the Samantha Ronson interview in “Dykes Quarterly” in which she says she appreciates “full lips on a woman”. Of course Samantha was referring to a different set of lips, but reading comprehension has never been a strong suit for Lindsay.

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