Lily James Nude Scene From “The Pursuit of Love”

Lily James sexy tongue

Actress Lily James continues her depraved tear through 2021 with her second nude scene of the year (the first can be seen here) in the brightened and enhanced ultra high definition video below from the BBC miniseries “The Pursuit of Love”.

How Lily’s character behaving like a hard nippled whore in these scenes is going to help her find love remains unclear… However, what is certain is that despite lacking the depth for such an emotion, Western women continue to obsess over the idea of romantic love.

Lily James sexy tongue

Yes, females are base and primitive creatures by nature who are incapable of feeling love… Unlike a man who is quite adapt at loving many things like Allah, the blessed Prophet (PBUH), a good pair of sandals, a prized goat, and his favorite AK-47.

Lily James sexy

Of course with Lily coming out of quarantine in 2021 with her tits swinging, she no doubt has no time to look for love… Especially as her next project has her further distancing herself from her Cinderella start by embodying the Hep C riddled old slut Pamela Anderson in the upcoming “Pam & Tommy” biopic.

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