‘Walking Dead’ Star Lauren Cohan In Sharp Magazine

Lauren Cohan

“The Walking Dead” star and Jewess, Lauren Cohan flaunts her sinful human female form in the photos below from the new issue of Sharp Magazine.

Of course us Muslims know that like all Jews Lauren Cohan is a reptilian humanoid, and that she has only assumed the shape of a moderately attractive woman so that she can profit from whoring herself on overrated TV shows.

It is obvious from these photos that Lauren Cohan is in her breeding phase, and that she is trying to lure unsuspecting men to her bed so that she can hypnotize them with her soulless reptile eyes and then deposit her egg sack in their brains. Then once her Jewish hatchlings are born they will spring forth from the poor sap’s eyes and ears, killing their host, and inflicting the world with even more Zionist demon spawn.


Lauren Cohan Lauren Cohan Lauren Cohan
Lauren Cohan Lauren Cohan Lauren Cohan

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