Laia Fontan Nude Scenes From “The Hockey Girls”

Laia Fontan nude

The video below features Spanish actress Laia Fontan’s nude scenes from the Netflix TV series “The Hockey Girls”.

It certainly is surprising that this is not a Canadian television series instead of a Spanish one, for the heathens in that frozen tundra shithole of a country are obsessed with the sport of hockey… Which of course makes a lot of sense as they are flaming homoqueers and hockey is an extremely effeminate sport, as it imitates sweeping the floor.

Of course we should be grateful that this is not a Canadian series, for Spanish sluts like Laia have far superior milk sacks thanks to hundreds of years of Islamic rule culturally enriching their heathen genepool. Something that Canadians are just now playing catch-up on with their open door immigration policies.

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