Kim Kardashian Found with Rabbits in Hotel Room

kim kardashian

Calabasas, CA. – Kim Kardashian is back in the hutch after violating a court order not to own or control animals for five years. Kardashian, 28, was arrested again Tuesday at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles after an employee reported finding rabbits hopping around in her room.

Problems for Kardashian began in July of 2008 when Los Angeles County police arrested Kardashian for lighting a baby raccoon on fire. Kardashian’s problems continued when in September of that year she was suspected, but never convicted, of burning a pitbull to death in Oxnard, CA. One month later agents raided her home and discovered hundreds of animals crowded together in foul-smelling conditions, as well as dozens of puppy carcasses in a freezer.

Police said she broke into the facility where the survivors were being cared for in January 2009 and stole most of them back. Authorities found her a few days later in Santa Paula, CA with eight live rabbits and two dead ones in her car. Another 130 were recovered at a nearby horse farm.

She was placed on five years probation, banned from owning or controlling animals and was told not to go within 100 yards of a rabbit.

Los Angeles County Police spokesman Greg Rice said animal control officers removed eight adult rabbits, five young ones and a dead one from her hotel room Tuesday.

Probation officer Tom Hasara said Kardashian had undergone a court-ordered mental evaluation but that no treatment was recommended.

“We hadn’t heard much further from her, she had been pretty quiet,” he said.

Authorities checked her residence occasionally and found it rabbit-free.

Then county probation officer Kevin McTigue testified that Kardashian had a rabbit in her home in May, had canceled counseling sessions and refused to open the door for unannounced visits.

McTigue said he found no rabbits when she finally got inside but did find a half-empty 10-pound bag of carrots. Kardashian was sentenced to three days in jail.

She was to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon on animal neglect charges.

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