Kate Upton Poses Completely Nude For Hooters’ Super Bowl Ad

Kate Upton nude

The Super Bowl is this Sunday and the bosomy restaurant chain (breastaurant) “Hooters” previews their new ad for the big game featuring model Kate Upton completely nude in the photo above.

Super Bowl commercial time is the most expensive in all of television, so it is not surprising to see that Hooters is going all out with a naked Kate Upton to get noticed. And with Hooters locked in a breastaurant battle with up-and-coming competitors “Twin Peaks” and “Tilted Kilt”, it is crucial that this Kate Upton ad go over well with their target demographic of skeezy Latin men and obese middle-aged virgins.

Only time will tell if this gamble has paid off, and if the sight of Kate Upton prancing around naked in a Hooters while she presses her tits together with mugs of beer can outshine the adorable talking animal commercials it will no doubt be up against. However one thing is for certain, it will outshine the actual game, as decrepit quarterback Peyton Manning fires footballs into the dirt in yet another humiliating big stage blowout loss.

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