Kate Beckinsale Just Laying Around Naked

Kate Beckinsale naked

Saucy English strumpet Kate Beckinsale lays around naked with her legs spread in the disturbing photo above.

This Kate Beckinsale photo is indicative of everything wrong with women in the West. For not only are Western women no good layabouts who couldn’t dig a well to save their lives, but they are also in a constant state of arousal due to the barbaric practice of not circumcising their clits.

You better believe that if Kate Beckinsale had her sin button ground down into a nub of scar tissue like a proper woman she would not be naked and playing with herself with a big stupid smile on her face. Furthermore if Kate had a powerful Muslim man lording over her, instead of laying around in the middle of the day, she’d be off in the fields doing a woman’s work of harvesting the opium poppies and skinning mules for clothing.

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