Jodie Whittaker Nude Scenes From The Movie “Venus”

Jodie Whittaker flashes her tits and poses completely naked in the nude scenes above from the movie “Venus”.

Feminists in the West have been celebrating the recent announcement that Jodie Whittaker will be the first woman to take over the starring role of “The Doctor” on the long time running BBC series “Dr Who”. As you can see from this nude video they couldn’t have chosen a more depraved slut, for not only does Jodie enjoy laying around naked while being sketched by Indian women, but she also get off on tormenting the elderly by forcing them to stare at her sickeningly pale perky breasts

Clearly Jodie Whittaker is one deranged degenerate. For to inflict her bare boobs upon this poor old man, who is incapable of throwing even a single stone at her let alone a cup full of battery acid, is not only demonically demented but also a clear violation of the Geneva convention’s prohibition on torture.

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