Jessica Alba Shows Off Her Fancy Vagina

Jessica Alba vagina

Jessica Alba’s “The Honest Company” is reportedly worth over $1 billion dollars thanks to hypochondriac infidel moms paying for overpriced soap water and “natural” diapers picked fresh from the vine. Though that kind of money is chump change to us oil and heroin rich Muslims, it has allowed Jessica to add an air of sophistication and class to her whoring.

As you can see in the photo above, Jessica and her vagina look remarkably fresh faced and poised as they pose for the camera. Considering Jessica’s cock box has spent over two decades working (and being worked over) in heathen Hollywood, her lady lips must of had some serious work done to them so that they no longer look like a mangled mess ridden with herpes scars.

Of course Jessica will no doubt deny having had any plastic surgery on her piss flaps and instead claim that her vaginal rejuvenation was the result of avoiding gluten, nightly soakings in willow seed buttermilk, and only have sex with a vegan yoga instructor named Raul.

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