Ariana Grande’s Cheeky Performance Pic

Ariana Grande butt

Ariana Grande shows off her tight little ass in this “cheeky” romper while performing on Australian TV.

Obviously Ariana Grande still has a lot to learn about the music industry, as just barely showing the cheeks of her taut butt is not going to help to sell records in today’s degenerate Western music market. Ariana would be wise to take notes from the photo below of veteran pop star Jennifer Lopez performing at “Fashion Rocks” just the other day.

Jennifer Lopez ass spread

Now clearly JLo knows what the pop music listening infidel audience wants to see and hear. Which is of course a fat ass ethnic woman lip-syncing to computerized vocals while she gaps her enormous booty on stage.

And so if Ariana Grande wants to have any staying power in the music business then the next time she performs on stage she better take a page from JLo’s book and let the crowd check her for polyps while they watch her dinner from the night before being slowly digested in her lower intestine.

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