Jennifer Lawrence Gets Nude For “American Hustle” Sequel

Jennifer Lawrence nude

Jennifer Lawrence is reprising her role as “Rosalyn Rosenfeld” in a spin-off sequel to the 2013 critically acclaimed film “American Hustle”.

As you can see from the movie poster above, this new film will better capture the spirit of what it means to be a hustler in the hopelessly depraved US of A. For not only will Jennifer Lawrence be appearing fully nude, but according to early reports the movie will feature over twenty different scenes in which Jennifer will perform graphic sex acts on men, women, and possibly even a horse (with little aid from CGI).

Jennifer Lawrence will of course be lauded by movie critics as a feminist icon for her brave portrayal of a typical Western whore. For in the West female “empowerment” is synonymous with being a promiscuous sexual deviant, and a woman shamelessly prostituting herself to get ahead (as Jennifer will no doubt do in this film, and has often done in real life) is seen as a courageous act.

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