Emma Roberts Topless Snapchat Selfie

Emma Roberts topless Snapchat

Emma Roberts flashes her perky boobs in an effort to make us virile Muslims “so hard” in the topless Snapchat selfie above.

Of course the only photo Emma could send a Muslim man to make his massive meat scud rigid with approval, would be one of her smart-mouthed aunt Julia Roberts topless… And Emma holding up her severed head.

Emma Roberts covered nude

Unfortunately Emma Roberts is not nearly a righteous enough woman to carry out an execution let alone fully cut through the spinal cord with a scimitar. Instead Emma thinks that she can arouse our tunic snakes from their righteous slumber by going around flaunting her tiny titties, as she does once again in the covered nude shower photo above.

Emma Roberts feet

Sadly for Emma just like her face and soft doughy midsection, her breasts are completely unremarkable. In fact, the only redeemable physical quality that Emma possesses are her giant clown feet, which will make her a real challenge (and thus much more fun) to knock over at her eventual lapidation.

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