Emily Ratajkowski Getting Her Ass Played With On Video

Emily Ratajkowski cleavage

Model Emily Ratajkowski has been flaunting her world-class titties on social media in photos like the one above for quite some time now. However, yesterday her friend posted the video below of Emily getting her plump round ass played with on Snapchat.

After seeing this video of Emily’s thick booty meat being grabbed and spanked it is clear that Emily is the complete package, and so she is worthy of the tremendous honor of serving in a powerful Muslim’s harem.

And so I contacted Emily’s agent and had him set up a dinner meeting with Emily so that I could discuss the terms of her sexual servitude… which I may have hinted was actually a movie deal with Sony.

Emily Ratajkowski cleavage

Regardless of what pretext I used to get the date, when Emily showed up dressed with her boobies hanging out I knew that as a cocksman and virile Muslim Emily would not be able to resist my charm and I would soon be sealing the deal… And that is just what I did! I am happy to report that not long after the photo above was taken I slipped some eye of the poppy into Emily’s Jager shot, and dragged her unconscious body out of the restaurant, stuffed her in the trunk of my car, and drove her back to my apartment. Score!

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