Top 8 Emmy Nominated Actress Nude Scenes

Emmy 2013 Actresses Nude

The nominations for the 2013 Emmy Awards were just announced, and it should come as no surprise that nearly every actress nominated is a degenerate slut who has posed nude at one time in her career.

To document the Emmy’s brazen celebration of depravity here are the top 8 Emmy nominated actress nude scenes for 2013.

#8 Vera Farmiga – “Bates Motel”

Vera Farmiga was nominated for her role on the A&E show “Bates Motel”. I can only imagine this show is a spinoff of the Alfred Hitchcock movie “Psycho”, but instead of killing the guests Vera’s character sucks them off while in the shower.

#7 Laura Linney – “The Big C”


Laura Linney was nominated for her role on the Showtime series “The Big C”. I haven’t seen this show but I assume it is about an old slut (played by Laura Linney) who is dealing with the trials and tribulations of living life with a stretched out oversized cunt.

#6 Helen Mirren – “Phil Spector”


Helen Mirren was nominated for role in the HBO TV movie “Phil Spector”. Helen reportedly did an excellent job playing the disgraced music producer and murderer Phil Spector, as she now looks exactly like him.

#5 Claire Danes – “Homeland”


Claire Danes was nominated for her role in the Showtime series “Homeland”. Claire plays a CIA agent who falls head over heels in love with a US POW turned Muslim Jihadist despite his ginger complextion.

#4 Sofia Vergara – “Modern Family”


Sofia Vergara was nominated for her role on the ABC comedy “Modern Family”. On the show Sofia plays a sass-mouthed Mexican maid and concubine to American TV icon Al Bundy.

#3 Morena Baccarin – “Homeland”


Morena Baccarin was also nominated for her role in the Showtime series “Homeland”. On the show Morena plays the whore wife of the US POW turned Muslim Jihadist, and perfectly captures the immorality of the typical American housewife by sleeping around behind her assumed dead husband’s back.

#2 Emilia Clarke – “Game of Thrones”


Emilia Clarke was nominated for her role on the HBO series “Game of Thrones”. On the show Emilia plays a Muslim wife and mother of dragons, who seeks revenge on the Jew Lannisters for stealing her throne and poisoning her beloved virile Muslim husband Drogo.

#1 Emmy Rossum – “Shameless”


Emmy Rossum was nominated for her role on the Showtime series “Shameless”. In a role based on the title of the show, Emmy Rossum plays a typical shameless infidel housewife who is constantly having sex with strange men while taking part in some of the worst pillow talk you’ll ever hear.

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